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One question I am often asked that I struggle with is, "What kind of photography do you like to do the most?" - My response is generally on the lines of, "Whatever kind, really! I just love photography!"

As some of you know, I also have just a few tattoos! One of which is across my knuckles that says "whatever."

With all this in mind, I will be going by Jason DeSomer Photography and Whatever.Photo!

I'll be branding the Whatever.Photo idea as well as implementing it on areas that are a bit more creative than my established Jason DeSomer Photography work. (Such as Cosplay, Conceptual, Artistic Nude, Boudoir, etc.) - This will provide me the ability to put more work out there that is still part of me, but less strict.

Whatever.Photo You Need!

You will easily be able to find my website (still under construction) by going to the name itself!: www.whatever.photo or whatever.photo

I personally find this as an exciting and fun step in a creative direction! I have been wanting to create clothing with graphics involving my photography and creative designs, but I odd about trying to put clothing out that says "JASON DESOMER" all over it.

Another exciting element to all this is that I have a NEW PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO! I am very excited about this and it is coming at a great time with the whatever.photo addition as well as the Summer months coming to an end. It get's very difficult to photograph during the rainy months in Portland, Oregon unless you have a safe, dry space to shoot.

the new studio!
My girlfriend, Jordin, in the studio before I started moving in!

The new studio is coming together and I am already moving in. It is located near the Moda Center, almost under the Freemont Bridge in Portland at 1121 N. Loring St. #111, Portland, OR 97227. Come book a shoot or stop on by to say hi! Probably best to do it by appointment so you know I'll be there though!

So just remember, if you are in need of great photography, I can do Whatever.Photo you need!

Look for upcoming studio specials, including Rose City Comic Con!

Thank's y'all, I hope you enjoy what is to come!

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