I am Jason DeSomer, and I’m a dedicated photographer specializing in capturing the energy of the environment and showcasing the personality of the individuals that I photograph - while loving every moment of it.


I’m self-taught and began to seriously follow my passion in high school where I interned at a variety of photography studios and multimedia companies (Medford Mail Tribune, Land Mind Productions, Beyond Images Photography, David A. Gibb Photography).


Before pursuing my photography career in full force, I worked for a number of years as a graphic designer for a variety of print companies. The years of graphic design experience has provided me a unique design element to my photography as well as a powerfully creative, and detailed eye that I implement in every photograph I take. 


Being a people person, I equally enjoy working with all kinds of individuals.  Be it outgoing, shy, novice, professional, etc. Eveyone is a unique experience that I look forward to.

Connecting with people on a personal the personal level that photography has allowed me to do only validates my passion further.

Seeing the smile on a person’s face and the excitement that they feel after seeing their photos is exhilarating for me. Providing photography for those who appreciate it is a very personal experience that I never forget.

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