• Jason DeSomer

Wizard World Portland - 2019

Although I wanted to attend the full convention in Portland, Oregon known as Wizard World Comic-Con, I was only able to show up for the literal closing minutes. I only took several photos but it was still fun.

I was sad I didn't get the opportunity to photography more wonderful cosplay, but there was a ton of construction going on at the Oregon Convention Center and the areas I would typically bring people outside for shoots was completely demolished.

Here is some photos I took with my drone of the area under construction. This whole area used to have beautiful greenery and benches. I sure hope that they revamp the area in a similar or more impressive manner.

Oregon Convention Center construction going nearly all the way around the location.

Oregon Convention Center Construction February 2019

However, to my excitement, I was also able to photograph this Deadpool with a tiny kangaroo joey!

Lastly, this is where I will be sharing my random photos form now on. This is going to be my blog that I will update. If you would like to follow or comment, please do! If I know people want to see more, I will want to share more! ~Jason #PacificNorthwestReptileandExoticAnimalShow #WizardWorldPortland #CosplayPhotography #DeSomerPhotography #WizardWorldPDX #Deadpool #Portland #Oregon #PDX

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